Watch Jessica Alba And JB Smoove Face Off In A Stressful Game Of Catchphrase On 'The Tonight Show'

"This is three on two right now. This is crazy."

Actress and The Honest Company co-founder Jessica Alba made an appearance on The Tonight Show last night and discussed her pregnancy with host Jimmy Fallon. Alba and her husband Cash Warren have two daughters but revealed they're expecting a boy. Actor and comedian JB Smoove was also a guest on the show and spoke with Fallon about getting into his Curb Your Enthusiasm character Leon Black's mind to write his new parody book of good-bad advice, The Book of Leon

Later in the show, the guests got to play a game of Catchphrase. The game works like this: each person gets a clue and can make gestures or say related words to the clue. His or her teammate tries to guess what the clue is as quickly as possible. If you're the person doing the describing, you're also holding onto a buzzer. If the buzzer goes off during that round, your team loses. The first team to win two rounds wins the game. 


Alba and Fallon teamed up against Smoove and The Roots' Tariq Trotter. Smoove was quick to point out this was unfair. "This is three on two right now. This is crazy," he said. Fallon didn't quite catch on that he was talking about Alba's pregnancy. "No no, JB, we can do this. It's not three on two. You guys are teammates," he said, only realizing what Smoove meant after everyone laughed and made faces. Good thing the two of them weren't partnered up.

While the words themselves weren't too difficult, the beeping buzzer in the game can make the whole thing really stressful. Seriously, just watching it being played gets us nervous. 

See which team wins in the video below:

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