She Was About To Miss Her Flight Before This NFL Player Flew To The Rescue

"Pay it forward."

We all know how stressful it can be to fly. But for one passenger — Delilah Cassidy, a recent graduate of Arizona State University — moments away from missing her flight, Cardinals tight end Jermaine Gresham made the trip a little more pleasant.


Cassidy, 22, was flying back from a graduation trip to London and was at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday when she realized she had overlooked American Airlines' fine print policy about carry-on luggage. 

Despite Cassidy's best efforts, she could not come up with the $50. The airline would not accept cash and her credit cards wouldn't work because she was recently back in the States. In her tweet, Cassidy expresses how extremely stressed and worried she was that she was going to miss her flight. Thankfully, Gresham was standing behind her in line asked if he could cover the fee. 

Cassidy told The Arizona Republic that she didn't realize who the man was until after she boarded her flight. "I gave him this huge hug," she told the newspaper. "I was crying to Jermaine Gresham. I didn't know it was him."

Once the flight landed, Cassidy insisted on paying Gresham back but he politely declined and told her to pay it forward. 

"This man was so nice," she said. "I was very lucky to have met him."

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