Watch Katherine Heigl And Alexis Bledel Get Married In The Trailer For 'Jenny's Wedding,' The Cutest Movie You'll See This Summer

Modern Rom-Com

Queen of the rom-com Katherine Heigl's latest chick flick, Jenny's Wedding, features a little twist. There's a marriage, of course — but Heigl is marrying Alexis Bledel from Gilmore Girls. Yes, we've finally reached the moment in our culture when Izzy and Rory are getting hitched, and it is a glorious day indeed. The trailer for Jenny's Wedding shows that Heigl (the Jenny of the title) is still not out to her less than open-mind folks when she decides to propose to her girlfriend Kitty (Bledel), whom her family thinks is just her roommate. Once Jenny does come out, she has to deal with her parents' unsupportive attitudes, on top of all the wedding preparations.

It might seem that yet another romantic comedy centered around a wedding and all the family drama it incurs is not exactly big news. But Jenny's Wedding symbolizes the rapid growth that gay rights and acceptance of the LGBT community have earned over the past several years. Heigl in particular is known for playing romantic roles opposite men, in which they usually meet-cute, fall out, get back together, then say "I do." That she's now doing the same thing with a woman on screen, to little fanfare, is a sign of just how far we've come.

Watch the trailer for 'Jenny's Wedding':

Jenny's Wedding opens in theaters on July 31.


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