50-Year-Old Supermodel Talks About Loving The Term 'Handsome' For Women

" ... it seems like experience and growth are more of the ways that I count my age."

Over the years, we've seen more and more women speak out against society's tendency to make women feel badly for aging and for boxing people in gender-specific terms that don't necessarily reflect how they feel on the inside. Recently, Jenny Shimizu, a 50-year-old supermodel, spoke with Allure magazine about such ageist beauty standards, as well as her love for the term, "handsome," an adjective not typically used to describe women. 


Sitting tall against a white background, Shimizu begins by talking about her experience in the industry, saying that once she turned 26 or 27 years old, she was advised to always say she was 25.

"I never felt my age," she says. "I still don't feel my age. I can't explain why I've always felt that way, but it seems like experience and growth are more of the ways that I count my age." Later, she says that throughout her years, she's learned to understand more, feel comfortable in her skin, and find empathy for others — and that is a beautiful thing. 

Shimizu also explains why she loves being called "handsome." 

"I always think handsome is such a beautiful term for women. Every lady in the [House of Representatives] and Senate, I think, is incredibly handsome, and I think it's because of the physical acts that they're doing in that they have no fear."

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