To Honor Their Late Grandpa, These Girls Were Given Teddy Bears With His Voice For Christmas

"My grandpa passed away tragically about a year ago."

Jennifer Ramos' grandpa, Florencio Jimenez, tragically passed away a year ago after he suffered a stroke while being robbed at a car wash. To honor his memory, Ramos' aunt Andrea came up with a special Christmas gift for Ramos's two younger sisters, Sarahy and Mariana. 


Andrea gave the girls teddy bears with the voice of their late grandpa.

Ramos captured the touching moment her sisters opened their presents and posted the video on Twitter. The video shows the girls unwrapping their bears and hearing the audio messages from their grandpa and his laugh.

Sarahy and Mariana are overcome with emotion when they hear their bears talk. And people who are watching the video of the moment are equally moved. Since the video was shared on December 25, it has been retweeted more than 59,000 times and liked a whopping 91,000 times.

People were also commenting about how heartfelt the video is. One Twitter user summed up the majority of people's thoughts when they wrote, "That brought tears to my eyes."

While it is an emotional video, many also see how the teddy bears are a wonderful way to keep the girls' grandpa's memory alive. As one user wrote, "This is the most beautiful thing ever." 

(H/T: Teen Vogue)


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