Only Jennifer Lopez Can Dramatically Read Lyrics To 'Baby Got Back' With A Straight Face

How is this JUST happening?

Jennifer Lopez — or J.Lo or Jenny from the Block — has long been admired as a superstar entertainer who can act, dance, and sing.

The triple threat has also been praised over the decades for some of her physical attributes, specifically here derrière, which she and rapper Iggy Azalea proudly celebrated in the remix to Lopez's 2014 hit, "Booty."

Since E! Online reports J.Lo is about to cover the May issue of W magazine, it seems only fitting that the fashion publication would ask her to participate in a video we're shocked didn't happen sooner.

In the clip, Lopez presents a brief but dramatic reading of Sir Mix-A-Lot's legendary 1992 track, "Baby Got Back."

Yes, the song you hear repeatedly at nightclubs and at weddings gets slowed down, enunciated, and showcased with all the class Jennifer can bring to the song, which is as celebratory of different body types as it is at objectifying them.

Still, there's humor to be found in J.Lo reciting the lines, though a few smile-inducing cringes suggest this may be the first time she's actually heard what the lyrics are saying in the rap classic.

Take a look at her laid-back reading in the video above, and let us know in the comments if you know all the words. 

(H/T: E! Online)

Cover image: W magazine via YouTube


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