We Need More Female Hackers And This Video Perfectly Explains Why

Sisters of code, unite!

While Jennifer Lawrence is trying to take a bite at Apple for the recent leak in private pictures, there are girls who are appalled by what injustice women have to face. And it's not what you think.

Two creative females, Katie Molinaro and Rosey Blair, who stand behind the YouTube channel CotillionGirlsComedy, made a striking point about why more women should learn how to hack. It's to get Ryan Gosling's nudes, of course! According to the duo, their video is "a progressive feminist counterpoint to all this drama about recently leaked celebrity nudes."

These girls eloquently prove why you need to start learning hacking ASAP.

Despite being just a satirical sketch, Katie's and Rosey's video tackles a serious problem of sexism towards women in tech positions.

According to a recent study by law firm Fenwish&West, there is a shameful shortage of women in the executive suites and corporate boards of Silicon Valley's biggest companies. Despite the fact that women are almost half of the workforce and hold slightly more than half of the management, professional and related positions in the US, only a handful make it to top positions.

So it's either sheer feminism, or Ryan Gosling's nudes that are going to help make a positive change in it.

(Cover image: YouTube)

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