Watch Jennifer Lawrence Reveal Her Super-Secret Talent To 'Vanity Fair'

Is there anything she can't do?


It's no secret Jennifer Lawrence is incredibly talented. Not only is she a skilled and accomplished actress, but her ability to steal America's hearts is unmatched. 

But in case you needed another reason to love her, she's got a hidden gift that very few people knew about until now. And because it's J. Law, it's super quirky and cool. 

She stopped by Vanity Fair's "Secret Talent Theater" to show it off. The thing she has been keeping from all of us is she's actually excellent at miming. 

Seriously, she's really got a knack for it. Miming is a lot harder than it looks. You need to have impeccable control of your face and body to be a successful mime, and Lawrence has totally got that down. 

Watch her slay in the video above. 

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