Jennifer Lawrence May Or May Not Be Lying About This 'Hunger Games' Set Story In Game Of True Confessions

There is Ambien involved.

It's always fun when celebrities share crazy set stories on late-night talk shows. But things get complicated when there's a chance the celebrity is lying about it. Such is the nature of Jimmy Fallon's game True Confessions on The Tonight Show

Last night, Jimmy welcomed actress Jennifer Lawrence and Last Week Tonight host John Oliver to the table to each read from one of three envelopes. One contains a true story while the other two contain lies. It's up to the other participants to ask questions and determine whether the chosen story is the true one.

When it comes to Jennifer Lawrence, crazy anecdotes certainly aren't out of the question, but she also happens to be an Oscar-winning actress, so Jimmy and John have quite the challenge on their hands. In this case, Jennifer's envelope contains the claim that she once took an Ambien before filming a Hunger Games scene.

Further questioning reveals that, according to Jennifer, she didn't know it was Ambien when she took it, and no one else was around at the time. In the end, both John and Jimmy guess that it's true. Jimmy adds that he thinks Jennifer is such a good actress that she could act through the mishap.

Find out the truth (and hear Jimmy and John's confessions) in the video below:


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