Jennifer Lawrence Joins Jimmy Fallon For An Intense Axe-Throwing Competition

Don't try this at home.

You might be used to Jimmy Fallon and his guests playing games such as Wheel of Impressions and Pup Quiz, but this Tuesday night, he and Jennifer Lawrence did something you probably shouldn't try at home — an axe-throwing competition.

Fallon explained to the audience that Lawrence recently tried the activity for the first time, and challenged him to play against her. "I don't know why, but I said yes," the host joked.


The two proceeded to take turns throwing an axe at a wooden target shaped like a cowboy. As one YouTube commenter was quick to point out, it was reminiscent of a famous segment from Johnny Carson's Tonight Show back in the 1960s, involving Ed Ames throwing a tomahawk

Although Fallon seemed apprehensive about the game, he ended up being pretty good at it. First, he managed to get the axe between the target's legs. It may not have earned him many points, but at least he managed to get a "wood" joke in — once again hearkening back to his predecessor Carson.

Lawrence, meanwhile, couldn't quite get the axe to stick. When Fallon showed off a particularly impressive throw, she handled it in classic Jennifer Lawrence manner — by getting hilariously mad about it. Let's just say she finally managed to get the axe into the target, from much closer range.

Watch every last throw in the video below:

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