Good Girl Jennifer Garner Reads The Most Touching Childrens Book Ever


Getting your kid to go to sleep can be a f*****g pain in the a**.

Well, except her.

Just ask mother-of-three Jennifer Garner. She feels your pain.

So, what better way to get your child to fall asleep than a pleasant children's book?

Yeah, your kid is absolutely going to love these playful stories, like this one about the lamb.

Awwwww. Such a cute story.

Or take this adorable story about the soft wind blowing through the grass.

These stories just really hit you right in the feels.

The moral of the story here is, never read this book to your kids, but feel free to let out any frustrations and laugh your f*****g a** off.

Oh yea, and "go the f*** to sleep."

Check out the video below — and be prepared for some NSFW language.

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