Canadian Woman Responds To Body Shaming Incident At A Gym

She just wants to be treated equally.

A Canadian woman who said she was body-shamed at a gym is firing back with a powerful Facebook post.

Jenna Vecchio of Ottawa alleged that a supervisor approached her last week at the Movati Athletic Club and told her that her tank top was "inappropriate" and "offensive."

Vecchio said her tank top was similar to what other women in the gym were wearing, and that her attire did not offend the other gym members.

She claimed the supervisor said the problem with her tank top was her "chest size."

As a response, Vecchio posted to a friend's Facebook page photos of her outfit and the gym's advertising with women wearing tank tops. She also wrote a compelling message in the Facebook post.

"I felt humiliated and discriminated against due to my figure," she wrote on Facebook. "I was singled out and it is unfair to say I cannot wear a tank top and other women can! Different figures means different rules? I would like to bring this out to the public! If tank tops are not allowed at the gym for me because of my chest size than all women should not be allowed to wear tank tops regardless of size."

Stephanie Engel of GCI Group, the public relations firm for Movati Athletic Group, sent this statement to A Plus:

"While it may not have been intentional, Ms. Vecchio's attire was not as modest as she has suggested via the images she shared recently on Facebook and through media interviews, and caused multiple members to feel uncomfortable and voice their concerns to our staff. Following Ms. Vecchio's own social media postings on this matter, we conducted a thorough investigation which included first-hand accounts from members and other staff, and a follow-up meeting with Jenna herself, who seemed to leave the facility feeling as though she had expressed her position. Upon conclusion of our interviews, we stand by the original decision that confirms that Ms. Vecchio was dressed inconsistently with our code of conduct. The Movati staff never indicated Ms. Vecchio's style of shirt was not appropriate – it was the lack of coverage that was the issue as she exercised adjacent to other members. While in no way did we mean to embarrass Ms. Vecchio, we did feel it necessary to address the situation with her due to member discomfort. Although our staff were professional and discreet in their approach, and followed our process of not asking a member to leave or conclude a workout, she and her husband chose to escalate the matter publicly."

Meanwhile, Vecchio's viral Facebook post earned incredible praise and support from people online. She also canceled her gym membership with Movati and is planning to attend another fitness center.

A Plus reached out to Vecchio for a comment.

[H/T: Washington Post]

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