Why A Former ‘The Office’ Star Is Donating To Civil Rights Orgs In Honor Of Students

"These students need to be heard and they need change."

In the wake of bigoted incidents popping up across campus, students of DePauw University, located in Greencastle, Indiana, are protesting. Jenna Fischer, a former star of The Office, is listening and taking action to help fight these injustices.


Slurs of a racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, and anti-Muslim nature have caused quite the uproar at the college this week. So, when Fischer arrived to give a talk about her 2017 book The Actor's Life: A Survival Guide and do a Q&A, it gave the students a perfect chance to have their voices heard in a big way by capitalizing on the star power she would be bringing their way.

With about 1,450 people in attendance, 100 or so students with signs sat in both aisles inside Kresge Auditorium. The Indianapolis Star notes that about 15 minutes into the event an audience member stood up, blew a whistle, and the protest began. Fischer, who was visibly startled in the moment, later took to her social media to react to what had gone down at DePauw University, and say she was "shocked and upset" about what the young people were going through.

"A few moments after taking the stage, frustrated students filled the aisles of the auditorium with signs and demands for safety, protection, and security," Fischer wrote.

"The student protesters spoke about their experiences and about the hate they have been encountering," Fischer added. "I could feel the pain, sadness, and fear coming from these students. No student should feel at risk, or have to suffer the kinds of bigotry and hate these students have encountered. These students need to be heard and they need change."

While words are important, Fischer announced that she was taking it a step further and making equal donations in the name of the students of DePauw University with the amount the college paid her to three organizations: the NAACP, the Anti-Defamation League, and the Trevor Project.

"My hope is for all people to be respected, accepted, and loved for their individuality and uniqueness," Fischer concluded. "And, above all, to be safe."

Cover image: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

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