Watch The Emotional Moment A Singer Hears Her Song On The Radio For The Very First Time

"I'm ... going to go cry now!"

Singer Jayme Orr knows her career is about to go on a "crazy, crazy journey," and hearing her song playing on the radio is the ultimate kick-off to an exciting future.

That's probably why her reaction was so overwhelmingly emotional when she first heard her debut single "Love Is a War" come on the car radio. 

In a video she recorded, we get to see the whole thing. 


Orr sits anxiously at the steering wheel, hearing other songs, commercials, and voiceovers, anxiously waiting for her song to play. 

She fixes her hair, lip syncs, and even gets out of the car for some fresh air to distract herself. 

Then, she hears Rob Reinhart of WDET FM announce her song: "I hear a lot of stuff," Reinhart begins. "And you know what? I have not heard something that is this well-produced in a really long time ... It starts out in this acoustic mode and it explodes into the big pop song that it is."

Finally (our anticipation has been building this whole time, too), the song starts playing, and Orr can't help but smile, cry, laugh, and jam out to embrace this monumental moment. 


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