Artist's Creature Creations Will Make You See The Everyday World With New Eyes

"In some cases, the more mundane or 'normal' situations are the best to drop a monster into."

When Adelaide, Australia-based designer, animator, and artist Jasper St Aubyn West visited Las Vegas, he had something of an epiphany. "I was there in support of a film I had in a festival and it was a great trip," West told A Plus. "I just had the realisation that with the thousands of tourists in town every day, there must be terabytes worth of photos taken from every possible angle in that city! Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just didn't feel the need to add to it. It made me want to try and find a slightly more personal way of documenting my journeys."

So that's exactly what he started doing.

With the help of an iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil, and the Procreate app, the artist went to work, sketching monsters and strange creatures into what might otherwise be banal scenes of everyday life and documenting the results on his Instagram and website.

"I'd say that anywhere I go could yield sufficient inspiration for a piece," West told us. "In some cases, the more mundane or 'normal' situations are the best to drop a monster into."

"I love the idea of normalizing these characters by placing them in everyday scenes, or using them to augment something in a strange and unexpected way."

"I really don't stop and think about any of them for very long," West said. "The idea is to sketch out the first thing that comes to mind and try to keep it fresh."

We asked West about his inspiration and what he sees when he takes the initial photographs.

"I don't typically head out to find a specific image to work with," he answered. "What excites me more is trying to catch a glimpse of an alleyway that feels like I could add something too or seeing a face hidden in an inanimate object waiting to get out."

For more of Jasper St Aubyn West's work, check out his incredible Instagram account.


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