This Celeb Hairstylist Gives The Homeless A-List Treatment With A Simple Haircut

"I think if we all do a little, we can help out a lot."

When it comes to giving back and paying it forward, Jason Schneidman is doing so with something as simple and essential as a haircut. The hairstylist usually spends his days cutting the locks of Hollywood's biggest stars but, in his off time, he gives trims to L.A.'s homeless.


The SoCal native — who works with A-listers such as Hugh Jackman, Rob Lowe, Jimmy Fallon, Bruno Mars, and Robert Pattinson (just to name a few) — believes that a haircut can be transformative for the nearly 60,000 homeless people in the city, according to the L.A. Times.

"So what I find in helping homeless people with haircuts is their appearance changes, and their attitude changes, and then also the people around them see these people differently," Schneidman says in a social media clip within a video produced by Insider.

For Schneidman, using his talent to help those in need and to address a real problem the city faces each and every day, is a way for him to grow as a person. Just over a decade ago, he became sober and this is a way to inspire others. And, turns out, it really makes a difference.

"Thirteen years ago, I got clean and sober off drugs and alcohol, and I was taught I have to give it away to keep it," Schneidman adds, opening up about personal motivations in the video. "A lot of these guys' stories are a lot like mine and they just need a helping hand to get their way back."

With the Street Cuts campaign, it seems as though Schneidman is rallying up more than just haircuts. His social media posts call for donations such as food, clothes, medical, and hygiene products as well as calls for manicurist and pedicurists. In these posts, we see him running these big days of charity.

This may just be a haircut — something we all maybe take for granted a little bit — but it's a life-changing thing for some people. Schneidman knows this is a small deed but has the potential to see tons of change. As he says: "I think if we all do a little, we can help out a lot."

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