If You Live In New York, This Guy Has Probably Drawn You Without Your Knowing It

Well, this is ambitious.

In 2008, Jason Polan decided to embark on a project that, when you first hear about it, seems almost impossible. 

He's planning to draw every person in New York. 

If that sounds overly ambitious, his previous projects have included drawing every piece of art in the Museum of Modern Art and drawing every single kernel in a popped bag of microwave popcorn. 

"I have particular favorite spots: the Museum of Modern Art, Taco Bell, the post office," Polan told BuzzFeed. "But I also draw people randomly, on the train, or on a bus, or on a corner." 

He sometimes runs into and draws famous people like Jon Stewart, Shepard Fairey and Jerry Seinfeld. 


Wondering how long it would take for him to actually finish this project? 

In 2009, the New York Times predicted that, if Polan draws one person every five minutes, it would take 79 years to reach his goal.  

"I know that it's probably impossible, but I'm willing to work on it forever," Polan told the Times. "Just working on it has a value in itself, so finishing the project is not necessarily the best thing that could come out of it. 

His first volume of drawings are collected in a book he has just released.

Check out some of Polan's drawings:

1. "Man in Central Park"

2. "Jon Stewart and two kids at K-Mart" and more

3. "A dad holding his son on 2nd Avenue"

4. "Woman and man taking picture of themselves in front of Met"

5. "Man looking at books at Strand"

6. "Beyoncé"

7. "Little girl with balloon something at Milk Bar"

8. “I played Little League with this man’s son. The man sitting behind me is so noisy”

9. "Two friends on Lafayette"

10. "Lady eating alone at Saul's in Berkeley"

11. "Man on Mercer Street" and "Woman on Mercer Street outside Judd House"

12. "Man at Starbucks 53rd Street"

13. "Woman in gift shop on 3rd floor at Museum of Modern Art"

14. "Woman on Lakeshore that just picked up/found a $100 bill"

15. "Man and woman walking across 53rd Street"

16. "Woman waiting in Grand Central"

17. "Little girl eating her first pickle at tiny empire on North 6th in Brooklyn"

(H/T: BuzzFeed

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