NFL Defensive End Jared Allen Retired By Literally Riding Off Into The Sunset

The man's ending his career in style.

The term "riding off into the sunset" is used pretty liberally in the sports world, usually painting a nice picture of a respected athlete retiring at the top, preferably after winning a championship. Basically, it's exactly what Peyton Manning's final chapter looks like if he does indeed decide to call it quits after a Super Bowl 50 win. Very rarely does this actually happen, though — professional sports aren't fair, and most players retire when they physically and/or mentally just can't do it anymore. "Riding off into the sunset" isn't really up to them. Unless you want to take the phrase literally.

NFL Defensive End Jared Allen decided even if he didn't win the Super Bowl this year, though, he was still going to ride off into the sunset via a video posted to his Twitter. It's just 20 seconds long, but easily the best retirement announcement in recent memory. In it, he sports a thick jacket and cowboy hat while sitting atop a horse. "Everyone, I just want to say thank you for an amazing 12-year career," he says. "This was the part where I was gonna ride off into the sunset, but seeing how there's no sunset, I'm just gonna ride off." As promised, he then rides off.

Well played, Jared. The Chiefs, Vikings, Bears, Panthers, and entire NFL thank you.

Check out the video for yourself:


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