A Japanese Baseball Player Has The Most Intricate Batting Warmup You've Ever Seen

Dude just needs to get loose.

Batting warmups are generally a rather muted ritual — a couple soft swings, a tap of the bat on home plate, some foot shuffling and that's it (unless you're Nomar Garciaparra).

A high school baseball player in Japan likes to elevate his at-bats to unseen heights, though. In a recent video caught of the young player, he jumps, kicks and twirls his bat as if it was a pair of nunchakus. Luckily, this particular at-bat goes for a while, which gives him the stage to try out increasingly ridiculous moves.

Here are some of the best, with a little fake self-narration to speed you along.


What? Jump? Yeah, sure.

I can do this all day.

Hold up, let me step back for a second.

Cool, thanks. Ready now.

Actually, let me just flip this real quick.

Now we're good. Play on.

Ah, you sly bastard. Almost got me there.

You guys think I should try these moves at the club tonight?

I like baseball. Baseball is fun.

OK, I'm gonna hit this one, you guys ready?

Whatever it takes to get bat on ball. Check out the full at-bat below:

Cover image: YouTube


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