18 Surreal Photographs That Make The World Seem Like A Dream


London-based photographer James Popsys is never satisfied with his original photos, so he adds in a special touch to give them a slice of humor.

"I guess I'm just up for a challenge, and trying to create stuff that will stick around," Popsys told 99 Percent Lifestyle. "More photos are produced now than ever before, so if you want to be heard, you need to be different."

Take a look at these surreal images created by Popsys that are so good, you will almost forget that they were altered at all. 


1. Sleep in, Big Ben.

2. This boat can fly.

3. Best warning, ever.

4. How convenient.

5. Going up?

6. In a bit of a pickle.

7. You missed a spot.

8. They should totally make this product.

9. Talk about home entertainment.

10. You might want to duck.

11. Put out the fire before it melts your plastic.

12. It should be like this everyday.

13. The River Thames never looked this cool.

14. Be careful where you step.

15. They should join the X Games.

16. A tie makes everything look good.

17. Even this apple needs to be recharged.

18. Nature, meet graffiti.

(H/T: DesignTaxi)

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