James Corden Proves His Dedication To The Job By Letting His Guests Throw Footballs At Him

Anything for our entertainment.

James Corden's The Late Late Show is one of the most fun talk shows on TV, and that's because James is up for doing just about anything with his celebrity guests. Never has that been more apparent than in this segment from last night's episode.

The show's guests were actors Liev Schreiber and Luke Wilson, as well as football player Rob Gronkowski. In honor of Rob's sport, James allowed himself to be strapped to a spinning target while the guys threw footballs at him, aiming for three holes with different point values.

"I cannot stress this highly enough," James told the competitors before they began. "You are aiming for the holes."

Despite this warning, James made sure to armor himself in full uniform, complete with a helmet. It's a good thing, too, considering how much trouble the guys had getting the balls through the holes. James made sure to tell them just how bad they were, shouting "You're rubbish!" as he spun around. By the end of the 30 seconds, he just wanted them to stop.

At the game's finish, Gronk was defeated and Liev was declared the winner.

"Oh my God, that was terrifying," James said when it was over. All in a day's work.


Watch the guys play target practice below:


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