Watch James Corden And Susan Sarandon Trash Talk Children And Lose Miserably At Ping-Pong

“You’re about to get served!"


James Corden knows just how much Susan Sarandon loves ping-pong, so he set up a little match for them to play when she visited The Late Late Show. They were positive they'd win against their opponents, who ended up being two young kids. So, they started the match off with a little not-so-friendly trash talking. 

"You might want to say grace, because you're about to get served," Sarandon said to the boys. 

"I've taken bigger dumps than you," Corden says. "Big time." Then, he drops a ping-pong ball on the floor. "What's that? My balls just dropped. You'll learn about that one day." 

Sadly, Corden and Sarandon didn't have the skills to back up their confidence. The pair definitely didn't play well as a team. 

Watch them lose miserably to the kids in the video above. 


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