Things Get Hairy In James Corden And Lin-Manuel Miranda's Crosswalk Musical

"It's wigs and nudity. There's a lot of wigs and a lot of nudity."

It was about time for another one of James Corden's iconic crosswalk musicals on Thursday night, and this time the Late Late Show host earned himself a bit of street cred (pun intended) from none other than Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda

The chosen show was Hair, which opened on Broadway in 1968 with a revival in 2009. Before the performance, Corden explained the basic plot of the show by saying, "It's wigs and nudity. There's a lot of wigs and a lot of nudity." And the cast definitely lived up to that summary.


Luckily for Corden, Miranda tweeted that Hair is "one of my favorite scores," so he was more than willing to help out. He and Corden donned their best wigs and hippie clothes, and opened the show with "Aquarius," right in the middle of a Los Angeles crosswalk during a red light. 

Corden called it his "favorite song about aquariums," adding, "You've got to save those fish. Climate change!" He may have misinterpreted the song's meaning, but at least he made it relevant.

Hair is famous for its daring nudity, but of course Miranda pointed out that both CBS and the State of California told them they couldn't take off their clothes in the crosswalk. "Then again," he added, "people told me that Alexander Hamilton wasn't a Puerto Rican rapper with beautiful brown eyes."

Needless to say, Corden and Miranda ended the show with a stripped-down performance of "Let the Sunshine In" — literally. We definitely didn't see anything like this when Corden did Beauty and the Beast.

Watch the entire hairy production below:

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