James Corden Reimagines Dramas Into 'Inappropriate Musicals,' Makes The Movies Much Better

"The Revenant" as a love story makes sense.


James Corden's Late Late Show has been winning us over for months with its "Carpool Karaoke" segments, which have featured such singers as Adele and Justin Bieber

But there's another musical entry that has resurfaced — and is doing its darnedest to sweep us off our feet.

Corden brought back the "Inappropriate Musicals" sketch, this time teaming up with the hilarious Martin Short and the straight-faced Will Arnett. 

Together, the trio takes on classic dramas such as Goodfellas, The Revenant, and Gladiator ... adding a little song and dance to the mix, and transforming the sometimes gory stories into prancing, leg-kicking, break-into-song-just-because-style musicals that would make the cast of Hamilton jealous (OK, maybe not so much.)

The original songs also explore the unrevealed and potentially romantic relationship between Leonardo DiCaprio's Hugh Glass and the bear he tussled with in The Revenant (who knew?), as well as gangsters settling scores via singing and gladiators putting the kibosh on killing with show kicks. 

It's all quite silly but entertaining nonetheless, and yet another uproarious showcase of the talent onstage and off at the Late Late Show. Check out the video above for proof.


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