Watch James Corden Try To Beat Usain Bolt At Everything From Basketball To Baking

"There has to be something I'm better at than you."

James Corden is determined to beat Usain Bolt at something. The gold-medal-winning Jamaican sprinter has already beaten the talk show host in both a footrace and a rap battle, but Corden is determined.

"There has to be something I'm better at than you," he told Bolt on The Late Late Show this week.

So he challenged Bolt to a series of competitions, and you can probably guess what happened. Bolt beat Corden at basketball and even foosball — not too surprising, considering he is an athlete. But then things got a little out of hand, as Bolt proved victorious at everything from chess, to rock-paper-scissors, to spelling bees.


Corden couldn't even beat him at the office version of The Great British Bake Off. After failing at balloon animals, the host finally threw in the towel, saying, "All right, fine. I admit it, Bolt. You're better at everything than me."

That's when Bolt pointed out something interesting: "You're a way better late-night host than me."

Corden couldn't argue with that, except for one small detail — Bolt had never actually tried hosting a late-night show before. So he put on a suit, stepped out from behind the curtain, and gave it a shot. You'll have to watch the video to find out if he was successful.

See if Corden can actually beat Bolt in the video below:


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