Witty Illustrations Show How People Around The World React To Certain Things

Ah la vache!

What do physics and witty comics have in common?

Well, James Chapman, of course. James, a 25-year-old man from Manchester, is reaching a PhD in physics and works at the university's lab. However, in his free time he loves to play ukulele, watch sitcoms, think about cats AND scribble these perfect illustrations of onomatopoeic sounds in various languages (like meow, roar, tick tock, etc.).

It all started when James' friend moved to South Korea to teach English. He told James that the children in his class said dogs go "meong meong". As odd as that may sound, James looked it up and, apparently, it was true.

Ever since, Chapman's been swirled into the world of strangest sounds.

James Chapman

James says he started by choosing one sound a week to illustrate and thought he'd soon run out of inspiration. But wrong he was. It's been over a year now and he still finds more and more interesting onomatopoeias from around the world.

"As far as getting ideas for what to cover next, I get some good suggestions from the followers of the site, which is always nice. And then in times of desperation, the Wikipedia page "List of onomatopoeias" is my savior for inspiration," Chapman told A+.

To get approval for the sounds, James says he does "a lotttt of online research": from Google Translate, to Japanese forum posts, to Russian search engines. But the best source remains actual people who approach James and agree to help on translations.

James Chapman

So far, one of the most successful comics by James has been the one about cats. He guessed it's probably because the Internet loves anything cat-related.

Have you ever heard your cat go yaong?

James Chapman

James says his illustrations are meant for pure entertainment. He even has the idea that people around the world are practicing these sounds out loud, which should be quite strange to anyone else around. But more than that, Chapman hopes that his artworks emphasize that diversity is great.

"Even though we can't agree on a single sound for a horse, each language has had a go and the results are a lot of fun. It's not that one sound is right and the others are wrong, it's about thinking about other people's ideas," James told A+.

James Chapman

James' advice for staying inspired is to keep making things. He says creative ideas come when you're being creative, so inspiration is more likely to strike while you're in the right state of mind.

"I was bored and I drew pages of dogs for no reason. That's when the idea to start this illustration project was born. If I'd been watching hours and hours of Netflix, it might never have come to me," Chapman said.

James Chapman

So you thought a coo is annoying?

James Chapman

You can find more comics by James Chapman on Tumblr or his Facebook page. Moreover, all the comics are for sale at James' Etsy shop.

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