Without Ever Leaving Her House, This Agoraphobic Woman 'Travels' The World And Shares The Amazing Images

And she doesn't ever use a camera.

Many us of want to explore the world, but have limitations preventing us. For some, there are physical challenges, while others may be obstructed by logistics, such as time and money. But there is another common reason people opt not to travel, and it's not often discussed: mental health issues. 

For anyone who experiences anxiety, or other kinds of mental health issues, travel can be an overwhelming experience, filled with too much stimuli and unpredictable factors. 

Jacqui Kenny knows this all too well, as she lives with anxiety and agoraphobia — a condition in which people can experience difficulty leaving the house, being in crowded spaces, and/or being in situations where they cannot escape. Some people who are agoraphobic can also have panic disorder. 

For Kenny, simply leaving her London apartment to go to the supermarket 65 feet away is a challenge, so traveling seemed out of the question. 


While the 43-year-old may not explore the world by foot, Kenny satisfies her wanderlust using Google Street View.

She began taking screenshots of the places she "visited," which eventually led her to create the @streetview.portraits Instagram account. In the account's bio she dubs herself the #AgoraphobicTraveller and writes how she is using Google Street View as a tool to help her explore. The bio continues, "Agoraphobia and anxiety limit my ability to travel, so I've found another way to see the world."

Over time, Kenny developed a distinct aesthetic. She found herself drawn to remote locations in the Unites States, South America, and Central Asia. Many of her photos feature landscapes with lots of negative space, pastel tones and few buildings and people. 

As she posted some of her many Google Street View screenshots on social media, she began to build up a following.

Now, her @streetview.portraits account has 32,9000 followers.

The Instagram account has not only allowed Kenny to express her creativity and explore the world, but it has also enabled her to connect with others like her. She told National Geographic, "It's connected me with so many other people that have agoraphobia, so I don't feel so alone with it." Kenny also told PBS that she also hopes to use the account to challenge preconceived ideas about the condition and anxiety.

Furthermore, she revealed that the account has inspired her to visit some of the places she has taken photos of.

Scroll down to see some of Kenny's beautiful images along with her captions. 

"Green Valley, Arizona, United States."

"Shady parking in Tunisia."

"Heading towards the camel race track in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates."

"Checking out the Google car in Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico."

"One of my favorite images from Baganuur, Mongolia."

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)

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