You'll Want To Bury Yourself In This Woman's Super-Chunky Knits

It's like sleeping in the clouds.

You might think knitting is an old-fashioned hobby that only grandmas can take up. Hate to break it to you, but you couldn't be more mistaken!

See, nowadays, knitting takes completely new shapes and sizes — from yarn bombing the streets to decorating interiors with stylish DIY accessories, to using it as a therapeutic technique and literally knitting the stress away.

A good example of this resurgent craft are the works by Sydney-based fiber artist and a mother of three, Jacqui Fink.


Nope, this is not a remake of 'Alice in Wonderland.' It's just a normal-sized baby sleeping in one of Fink's chunky blankets.

Fink introduces herself as 'a crafter of hand knitted oversized scale textiles and installation works.'

This pic will give you a better sense of what she means by saying 'oversized.'

All of Fink's extreme knitworks are made by hand using naturally colored, high-grade merino roving yarn and wool from Australia and New Zealand.

Her process is slow and requires endurance — after all, Fink's needles are over 3.5 feet long and her creations weigh a minimum of 11 pounds. Moreover, the artist says it takes her about 30 hours to make a standard, 4-x-5.5-foot throw.

Check out this video of Fink's assistant crafting an oversized woolen blanket. It's definitely no joke:

The idea to start making chunky knits visited Fink in a dream after her mother had received a double lung transplant.

'I had a dream, which was as profound as it was mysterious. A big loud booming voice told me: 'You will knit blankets and they need to be big!'' she remembers.

Now Fink uses her extreme knitting technique to make all sorts of cozy accessories: from blankets to beanies and scarves.

Her company, Little Dandelion, is also developing an oversized knitting yarn so that more people can enjoy this unusual method.

Fink also enjoys the therapeutic qualities provided by knitting and crocheting.

'It is a very ritualistic process involving a beautiful rhythm between the heart, hand and eye,' she told the Instagram blog.

So, are you ready to bury yourself in this fluffy pile of coziness?


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