Beloved Cute Person Jacob Tremblay Channels Zoolander With 3 Signature Looks

Can you guess which one is Blue Steel?

The child star of last year's Room, Jacob Tremblay, is objectively cute. So cute, in fact, that we as a collective body of content-consuming people on the Internet can't seem to get enough. He's been making the rounds on award shows over the past couple months (with his parents, of course), charming the hell out of anyone who comes across his path. With those puppy eyes and high voice, he might just reduce all of Hollywood, and indeed all of mankind, into a messy puddle of tears and hands-tenderly-touching-chests while saying "awwww" by the time the Oscars roll around.

Tremblay's latest aggressively cute moment came while chatting casually with Conan O'Brien on Conan last night. Navigating the conversation with the grace of a man much older and more confident than he has any right to be, the boy asked Conan if the veteran TV host wouldn't mind him showing viewers three signature looks he'd been working on: Blue Steel, Canadian Bacon, and Maple Syrup.

If you've seen Zoolander, you know what came next: they were all identical and devastatingly, unabashedly cute. It'll be a sad day for us all (and mostly Tremblay himself) when this kid hits puberty.

Check the looks out for yourself:

Cover image: Team Coco via YouTube

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