This Man's Attempt To Get An Actress' Phone Back To Her At Coachella Is So Epic

Wait, so, continue Snapping?

Losing your phone at Coachella could be a huge disaster.


That is, unless a guy named Jack finds your phone.

Luckily for actress Troian Bellisario, from the show Pretty Little Liars, a guy named Jack Wagner found her iPhone at the concert in the desert.

He first reached out to Bellisario through her own Instagram, hoping she would see it from a friends phone.

For some reason he also felt her Instagram was an appropriate platform to get out some angst about Disturbed not being at Coachella.

The actress finally got wind of what was happening and made a post to her own Instagram from a different phone, explaining the situation to some very confused fans.

They finally got in touch, and Jack told her that the iPhone was safe and sound, but he was off to Coachella for the day.

But warned him not to post anything else to her Instagram. Oh yeah, Snapchat, too.

However, on second thought, she didn't really mind him using her Snapchat. It is Jack, after all. Coolest guy ever.

He mistakenly thought her name was Trojan, which would be hilarious enough itself if he didn't somehow make it backstage to Skrillex's performance using her wristband.

Meanwhile, TROIAN was feeling a bit miserable being left out of the Skrillex show.

But alas, this is Jack and Jack does amazing things, like somehow hang out with Zedd to send Troian a snap about her not being there.

Have no fear though, Jack survived his crazy day and even got to go to her "Game of Thrones" watch party. What?!?

Jack Wagner: Snapchatter, Instagram villain, real life iPhone hero. Yes, the phone is safe now.

What does Jack think about all of this? Who knows, after his crazy day he just needed a nap.


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