She Wrote To This Famous Rapper Like Any Fan Would. What Unfolded After Was Almost Magical.

And we would never have known if not for this.

Many people know the hip-hop artist J. Cole for his highly acclaimed music. But an old high school friend of the rapper, Matt Starks, let us know just how big of a heart he has, too. 

In a Facebook post on Aug. 31, Starks shared that Cole had given him and his wife incredible seats at his highly anticipated homecoming show the weekend prior. Curious as to how much tickets for those seats cost, Starks turned to a girl sitting next to him — only to be stunned at what he heard next. 

It turns out that the girl was Cole's guest, too, whom he had flown out from New Jersey for the show. She was Cierra Borsage, a girl who Cole made a promise to two years ago that he would attend her high school graduation if she got into a four-year college. Her parents were both in prison at the time of her graduation, so she invited Cole in their place. 


But what turned out to be a promise two years in the making was just the start of a great friendship between the rapper and the teenage girl.

Starks also shared on Facebook that Cole is paying for the girl's tuition and books for college.

"You've never heard this story and that's the way he wanted it," Starks wrote. "He didn't do it for recognition, he just wanted to help her. THIS is why I'm proud of him, this is why I'm proud to call him my friend."

Cole's humble altruism, though not privy to the public, shows the kind of person he is. His nonprofit organization, The Dreamville Foundation to helps urban youth connect with opportunities. In 2014, Cole bought his childhood home through the foundation and set it up as a home for single mothers and their families to stay in, close to rent free.

Read his friend Starks' Facebook post here:

Cover image via DeShaun Craddock/Flickr


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