9 iWatch Substitutes For Those Who Can't Afford The Real Thing

Because style is timeless... and funny.

Fashion, meet technology.

When Apple released the iWatch, or Apple Watch, millions were sold to the general public. The product includes features like a mobile payment system, fitness applications and the capability to receive phone calls through an iPhone. 

However, the watch also has some noticeable glitches: The battery life is low with a stagnate recharge period, it's not waterproof and there are also reports that tattoos can cause defects in the iWatch. Oh, and it's outrageously expensive. Sales prices range from $349 to $10,000.

Given the costly price tag and the bugs, you might want one of these alternatives: 


1. This new iWatch features a larger screen, but might weigh your arm down.

Keep the Apple Iwatch, I think I'm all set. Plus it's got Galaxy News Radio!

2. An iWatch that also acts as a wrist guard.

I don't need an iWatch when I got this baby

3. When you pull the tape, this "watch" also becomes an arm hair removal device.

My new iWatch.

4. This version features a screenshot of a fancy watch. Because, why not?

iWatch confirmed

5. Those old iPods can still come in handy.

Got me an iWatch

6. This model uses an actual apple that tells time. Marker not included.

Apple iWatch

7. This one includes a deluxe wristband, and it is portable food.

Now that Apple revealed the iWatch

8. A more stylish "apple" watch.


9. The time on this iWatch is correct, twice daily.

Apple released their new iWatch this week

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