This Facebook Post About Street Harassment Is Resonating With Women Everywhere

Hey, guys, listen up!

On Tuesday, Facebook user Ivan Coyote described a scene that sounds all too familiar, in which a woman, wearing headphones and determinedly reading a book, is made to feel uncomfortable by a passerby who refuses to leave her alone.

"What part of that says 'I want to talk to you?' She's not dressed up for you," Coyote wrote in a Facebook post that went viral. "She's on her way home from work after a long day of dealing with assholes that look a lot like you. She doesn't want to smile. She knows she looks good."

Coyote told ATTN that a real-life man's actions inspired the post. 

Street harassment is not uncommon in cities around the world. A 2014 survey found that 65 percent of women have experienced street harassment. Another survey discovered that 84 percent of women report being catcalled by the time they're 17.

"Leave her alone," Coyote wrote on Facebook. "Let her read her book. Tell your friends."

Hopefully, men everywhere will take this message to heart and begin treating the women they see on the street with more respect.


Cover image via Shutterstock.


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