8 Hilarious Comics About Life That Are Sure To Put A Smile On Your Face

We all know that feeling when we find the perfect snack.

In an incredibly relatable series of comics, the artist behind It's Weinye on Instagram illustrates all her life experiences using her own redheaded character.  

"I began creating comics on Instagram as a way to share my new life experiences with my friends and family back in Malaysia when I made the move to San Francisco back in 2011," the artist writes on Bored Panda. "[It's Weinye] centers around how I cope with life, love, and bizarre encounters in my own ways."

So far, her comics have illustrated everything from the struggles of working out to that blissful feeling you get when you find the perfect nighttime snack.

There's also another comic that illustrates the uses for multiple pillows when we sleep:


For this and more, be sure to check out Weinye's work below and find more on her Instagram account, too.

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