6 Chemical Reactions That Changed The Course Of History

In case you didn't think science was important.

Chemistry is the branch of science that bridges physics and biology. It's the field that helps explain the relationship between the physical world and the natural world. It's impossible to escape chemical reactions, from the batteries in our smartphones to the rust on our car bumper to the fermentation of the beer in a glass at the end of long day. 

In the latest episode of It's Okay To Be Smart, host Joe Hanson talks about the 6 chemical reactions humans have come up with that were so monumental, they completely changed the history of the world. 

On the surface, it might not seem like cooking food, bronze, fermentation, soap, silicon, and ammonia are among the most profound developments that humans have achieved, but each of them provided a distinct service to humanity that changed how civilizations were shaped and managed.

Don't believe it? Learn how simple chemistry changed the world here:

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