Italy's Got Love? Performer Proposes To His Boyfriend In Front Of The Audience And Judges.

So much love.

Italian men have always known how to charm our socks off with their Casanova skills. So when we watch Italian TV, we expect nothing less than gorgeous love affairs. 

Italy brings a whole lot of it — and we have a video that proves it.

Les Farfadais, an acrobatic dance troupe run by Stephane Haffner, a French-Italian dancer, put together a gorgeous performance for the judges of Italia's Got Talent


But it all didn't end there. In fact, it was just a beginning of something way more beautiful.

"These occasions only happen once in a lifetime," Haffner says in Italian to the judges. "Could you help me translate what I'm about to say, please."

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"Kyle..." he turns to another performer who, in fact, is his real-life boyfriend Kyle Kier.

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"So tonight we have performed in a ring," Haffner continues. "And we were in a ring. And this ring has brought us together in our work, in our passion, in all what we love."

And then he pops the question.

Aww. Kier's reaction is the cutest.

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Someone pass us a tissue. 

Make sure to watch the entire proposal below.

Congrats, boys!

Love is everything.

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(H/T: Queerty)

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