One NASA Astronaut Put A GoPro On, Then Walked Out Of The Space Station

Crew members frequently need to perform 'space walks.'

It's easy to forget that there is a massive space station orbiting the Earth 257 miles above our heads. 

But the International Space Station (ISS) is there, passing swiftly through the southern Pacific and headed towards South America as of this writing. Currently, there are six crew members aboard the ISS, some of whom will remain aboard into 2016.

To show off what life is like aboard the ISS, NASA just released this amazing footage of Barry Wilmore and Terry Virts performing a space walk to prepare the ISS for the "arrival of two International Docking Adaptors." Filmed February 25 and March 1 of this year, the footage shows the incredible views the astronauts aboard the space station have of planet Earth.  

The video itself is a little over an hour long. You can click through different parts to see how the astronauts' view of the Earth changes, but the first few minutes when the astronauts step out are especially fascinating. 



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