This Bike Helmet Is Made Out Of Paper, Only Costs $5, And Totally Worth Trying

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If you don't think a bicycle helmet made out of paper that only costs $5 could actually provide protection for you, you're wrong. The EcoHelmet, invented by Isis Shiffer, was created for people who use bike shares or bike rentals, and don't buy traditional helmets. Not only is it 100 percent eco-friendly, but it's honeycomb structure absorbs impact, and its biodegradable coating makes it resistant to rain. 

"It started when I was doing study abroad, and riding around in unfamiliar cities," says Shiffer in the video above. "And it occurred to me that if I wanted a helmet to go with a bike share or bike rental, I'd either have to buy one for $30 or more, carry one around with me, which is awkward, or just not have a helmet, which is a little nerve-racking in a place you're not familiar with." 

When you're not using the helmet, you can easily fold it flat to save space. The video ends with this statement that we all need to remember: "Wearing a helmet while cycling has been estimated to reduce head injury risk by 85 percent." 

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