The Irish Version Of 'Cheerleader' Just Made The Song So Much Better

This is pretty amazing.

One of the best ways to learn a language is by taking something that is already familiar in your native tongue and learning in the new language. Rhythm helps with language acquisition, retention, and memory, which is part of why so many children's learning games are based around music. 

Coláiste Lurgan is an Irish language school based out of Galway, Ireland, but what sets them apart is the series of videos that they have posted on their YouTube channel that translate and reinterpret popular songs into Irish Gaelic. 

Their latest is "Síoraí Spraoi," a cover of OMI's summer hit "Cheerleader," which is something that really has to be seen. Apparently shot on a beach during a summer language camp, the video is a delightfully compelling feast of cultural diversity. 

You'll see what we mean.


The video includes Irish language students celebrating Holi...

(Yes. You read that correctly.)

And much more, including...

This tin whistle player...

And step-dancing.

Check out the entire video here:

For more from Coláiste Lurgan, check them out on Facebook. Tell them A Plus sent you.

Lyrics to "Síoraí Spraoi" can be found here.


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