Irish Hospital Staff Brings Awareness To Mental Health With A Touching U2 Cover

It's all for the Green Ribbon Campaign.

A hospital staff choir in Ireland did their part to raise mental health awareness by performing a moving cover of the 1987 song "With or Without You," by Irish band U2. It's part of the See Change Green Ribbon Campaign to start conversations about mental health in the country. 


The HSE Tullamore Staff Choir shared a Facebook video of their touching performance last week, writing that they "were delighted to contribute" to the campaign, symbolized by a green ribbon — which the performers wore pinned to their shirts. Accompanied by a keyboardist, the singers gave the song a somber tone.

Local publication The Offaly Express suggests that the song's lyrics, used in this context, could speak to loved ones who have died by suicide or who are struggling with mental health issues.

As the publication explains, a local man named James O'Connor has been promoting the Green Ribbon Campaign by visiting nearly 200 businesses in the area encouraging them to display the green ribbon during the month of May, which is also Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States.

O'Connor, who previously shared his story of mental illness and a suicide attempt, is one of 60 ambassadors for the campaign working to end mental health stigma around Ireland. It's an important issue, as the Irish Times reports that one study found 28 percent of respondents had been treated for a mental health problem, but two-thirds saw it as a "sign of personal failure."


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