Hate To Break It To You, But You Really Have No Idea Your iPhone Headphones Can Do Some Of These Tricks

No. 11 is everything we ever wanted!

So you have an iPhone. Now what?

If you voluntarily paid hundreds of dollars to use one of history's most advanced technological devices for playing Farmville, move on. If that's not the case, bear with us and you'll actually learn something cool.

Every iPhone comes with a set of sleek white headphones, which, apart from tangling up in the front pocket of your pants, are capable of lots of great things you might not know about. To help you get into the game, Business Insider compiled a list of awesome iPhone earbud tricks you definitely need to try and tell your friends about. Check 'em out below!


1. Press the center button once to play a song from your music app.

2. Press it again to pause the song that is playing.

3. To skip to the next song, press the center button twice.

Now here's where it becomes a little bit more advanced ...

4. If you press the center button three times, it will go back to the beginning of the song or to the previous track.

5. To fast forward through a song, double click and hold the center button on the last click.

6. To rewind, click the center button three times and hold on the last click.

Need help declining those annoying calls from your ex? iPhone headphones were built to do just that ...

7. So taking a call is pretty easy — just press the center button once and you're good to go.

8. If you have multiple incoming calls, you can switch to the new one and put the other caller on hold by pressing the center button once.

9. Now what if you don't want to take that second call? Just press the center button and hold it for about 2 seconds.

10. To hang up on a single phone call, press the center button once.

11. If you want to ignore the call (stop calling us, Megan!), just press and hold the center button to direct the call to your voicemail.

12. Need Siri's help? Activate it by pressing and holding the center button.

13. Last but not least — snap a photo of yourself by pressing on either of the volume buttons.

Watch the video below to see all of these tricks one more time and be sure to try them out yourself!

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