These College Friends Hugged For 32 Hours Straight And It Might Be The New World Record


What's the best way to show your friends how much you love and appreciate them? Small gifts, surprise parties, answering their calls in the middle of the night even though you were sound asleep — all of these are great ways to let them know you care.

But for some, great is not enough ... record-breaking awesome is what they want!

Two college students from the Iowa State University decided to celebrate their friendship with a 32-hour-long hug that aspires to beat the existing Guinness World Record for longest embrace ever recorded.


On Sept. 18, Amanda Nerem and her buddy Alec Norem (on the right) locked arms for 32 hours aspiring to break the record for world's longest hug.

Amanda, 19, and her BFF Alec, 20, say they were simply bored during the summer vacation and started browsing for world records they could possibly beat. The world's longest hug was a no-brainer. 

They reached out to Guinness World Records and after a couple of months got an approval from the organization. The time to beat was 24 hours and 33 minutes, a record set by Canadians Ron O'Neil and Theresa Kerr back in 2010.

The terms implied Amanda and Alec have to stay awake and upright for the entire time with the exception of five-minute bathroom breaks every hour. Friends would visit the duo, bringing them food and drinks. Alec said at some point a person asked if they are getting married after this.

"I think the whole experience brought us a lot closer. In your four years of college you want to do things that you'll remember for the rest of your life and for her and I, this was perfect for that," Norem told ABC News.

According to Amanda, she and her friend are in the process of handling their evidence to Guinness for evaluation.

Watch the video about their record-breaking hug below.

(H/T: ABC News)

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