Interracial Couples Spill It All. These Are The Stereotypes That They Actually Face.

"That's the only stereotype I'm proud of having."

Love is what matters, right?


After blindfolding couples and testing their ability to recognize each other just by touch, Complex is now back with yet another video. 

This time they asked five gorgeous interracial couples to get honest about the racial stereotypes that they face in their relationships.

"People say black guys have big dicks. Is that true?" one of the girls in the video teases her boyfriend.

"Yes! That's the only stereotype I'm proud of having," he says.

"Oh. Asians do take photos like this all the time," he later giggles.

"I just like my coffee black," another girl goes.

Simple as that. More power to you, miss. 

"I just don't see her for like 'she's black.' She's her," this guy tells into the camera. "That's what makes her great."

So what's the verdict? Well,  you'll  have to watch the entire video for yourself.

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