Winter Storm Jonas Is Upon Us And The Internet Is Reacting Appropriately


Winter storm Jonas is slowly creeping towards the East Coast, and people bracing for the snow are making the best of it on the Internet. From clever Photoshops to hilarious #tbts, check out some of the funniest tweets. 


1. While Congress might move slowly normally, we don't think much is getting done this weekend.

2. But at least they can have a snowball fight!

3. If Congress does get snowed in, we have the perfect guy to get them out.

4. Hopefully Dominos will brave the elements to get you a nice hot pizza... and enough dipping sauces.

5. If you can't get your hands on some Dominos, you can always try making one of these.

6. If you do manage to get to the supermarket, though, better bring Daryl with you.

7. But hurry up.

8. Because this guy bought ALL the bacon already.

9. Try yelling at the clouds in protest and see where you get with that.

10. Weezer's ready.

11. So are the Jonas Brothers, naturally.

12. The White Walkers have been ready for this moment for literally ages.

13. But in case you aren't a White Walker, here's how to walk on ice properly, like a penguin.

14. Or you can get a pair of these. They might be helpful.

15. Snow boots would also be a good idea.

16. Or you know what, just dive right in there and make it happen.

17. We guess that method works better for some and not others.

18. If you do go out, though, make sure you're dressed appropriately.

19. John Snow attire is entirely appropriate.

20. Regardless of what you do, stay safe, stay warm and watch a ton of Netflix.


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