TIME's Awkward Cover Photo Was Begging To Be Parodied. The Internet Delivered.

El oh el.

When the staff of TIME magazine released its cover photo for the August 17 issue, featuring 22-year-old Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey, they must have expected the good people of the Internet to respond in an Internet-y way. 

Why? Because the way Luckey is posed in the photo, with his slightly arched back and confused bendy knees and arms, is pretty much the most awkward thing of all time. 


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The image, taken by photographer Gregg Segal, is basically begging to be meme-ified, so The Daily Dot decided to take the lead by Tweeting about TIME's cover photo, asking readers to respond with Photoshopped images of Luckey in various scenes. 

And the good people of the Internet delivered:

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In good sportsmanship manner, TIME wasn't afraid to laugh at itself either with an article of their own highlighting their favorite spoofs of the image. 

Luckey also had a good laugh at himself, telling GameSpot, "I don't get caught up in it too much. I think it's fun. I love the cover." 

Check out some of our favorite spoofs of TIME's cover photo below:

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