Lingerie's Company Creative Social Experience Shed Light On Living With Big Breasts

Understanding your costumers' needs.

Men might not realize it, but it's really not that easy being a big-chested woman.

Ignace Van Doorselaere, the CEO for Dutch lingerie brand PrimaDonna, says that most men "only see the benefits" of having big breasts, but they don't consider the effects of having them.

The medical consequences of having big breasts include back pain and posture complications that could lead to spinal deformity. There is also a social stigma and shaming that some of these women might encounter.

And with the average bra size in the U.S. currently being 34DD, it can sometimes be difficult for some women with bigger breasts to find the right bra.

That's why Van Doorselaere and his company have been on a mission to create more options for women with larger bra sizes. But in order to do that, Doorselaere wanted his male employees to understand what women with big breasts go through.

"There is only one way for a man to realize what an E cup feels like, and that is having an E-cup," Van Doorselaere said.

Van Doorselaere created the "International E Cup Day for Men" — where the male employees had to weigh a heavily weighted device that resembled what it's like having big breasts.

In a YouTube video, the men spent the entire day of work wearing these contraptions. Some of them had fun with the device, but others experienced the pain and how uncomfortable it can be to have large breasts.

Although the video was posted in July, it is now going viral with more than 206,000 views as of August 26.

Watch the full video:

(H/T: Yahoo!)

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