4 International Beauty Products That Prove There Is No One Way To Be Beautiful

What’s considered unattractive in one culture maybe the epitome of glamour in another.

It"s a common notion that what"s considered unattractive in one culture may be the epitome of glamour in another. To prove it, we"ve found four cosmetic products that define beauty in ways you've never considered. A scroll through this list might have you questioning your definition of what you believe to be an "ideal" look.

These Double Eyelid Glasses


While you"re busy perusing YouTube for makeup tutorials on that smoky eye look, girls in Korea would do anything for big wide peepers. A surgery called Blepharoplasty or "double eyelid surgery" is the most common cosmetic procedure in the country which creates the Caucasian crease many Asian women don't naturally have. But for those who can"t afford the permanent solution, these glasses are available for just $10 and claim to "train" your eyes into the desired look. Also available are popular products like cosmetic tape and glue that create a temporary eyelid crease.

Skin Bleaching Creams

In the US many of us strive for that healthy copper glow and sunless tanners are a multi-million dollar industry, but in other parts of the planet porcelain skin is prefered. Skin bleaching creams like Fair & Lovely are one of the most widely consumed cosmetic products in the world. Increasingly popular are new bleaching products like deodorant, baby oil and now intimate wash. This commercial for a product called Clean & Dry promises to lighten your lady parts and takes the pale obsession to another level.

Pills that promise to help you gain weight


In the West African country of Mauritania, it"s said that a woman"s size indicates the amount of space she occupies in her husband"s heart. In this harsh desert environment, where few can afford the luxury of being overweight, being plump is the epitome of beauty. Traditionally women in Mauritania partake in Leblouh, or fattening camps, a tradition where women are forced to eat continuously in order to pack on the pounds in a short amount of time; think the opposite of fat camp. While the practice is heavily contested by health experts and the local government, many still considered it necessary if a woman hopes to find a suitable husband. In recent years pharmaceuticals have become the modern equivalent of Leblouh. As a simple solution to a wispy frame, women will regularly consume steroids typically reserved for use in livestock or pills that claim to increase their appetite.

"Temple Hair" Extensions


For women looking to enhance their natural locks with hair extensions there"s generally two options; the more offerable synthetic variety, which runs about $21 a pack, or the higher-end option referred to as "Remy" hair; real human hair that costs around $120 for the same amount. Preferred by top celebrities like Beyonce and Naomi Campbell, a full head of this stuff can set you back as much as $2,000 to $10,000. It just so happens that India is the primary provider for this global trade in human hair. These prized locks, often referred to as black gold, which have never been blow-dried, colored or even cut, are sheared from the scalps of thousands of working-class rural women to bedeck the heads of the more privileged. While many of these women chop off their mane for cash, many more offer it up to the god Venkateswara. In temples in south India, such as the Tirumala temple, hundreds of thousands of women and men travel for miles to have their hair tonsured, or ritually shaved in a spiritual offering. That hair is then collected and exported primarily to the US and UK.

Snaggletooth Implants


In the US it"s not uncommon for parents to invest thousands at the orthodontist"s so their kid can have a straight set of teeth. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the japanese consider a crowded smile endearing and attractive. The Japanese term "Yaeba" which loosely translated means "double tooth" refers to a growing obsession with snaggletooth grins. Greatly influenced by local celebrities like pop group AKB48 whose members proudly sport their twisted teeth, this bizarre fad has women of all ages opting for snaggletooth implants. Many Japanese dentists now offer permanent and semipermanent falsies that can be superimposed onto an otherwise straight smile.



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