Here's The Unexpected Story Of How Instant Ramen Became An Instant Success

Cup Noodles wasn't always for broke college kids.

At one time or another, instant ramen has probably been a staple in your life. Whether you were a poor college kid, or just down on your luck, instant ramen could always be trusted as a go-to cheap meal. 

However, the dehydrated noodles that fulfill our budgeted lifestyle dreams have a much more storied history than it seems, and YouTube channel Great Big Story is here to retell it in their latest video.

Apparently, the food was invented to solve Japan's food shortage crisis after World War II. The U.S. sent over wheat flour and suggested the Japanese make bread from it, but noodles had long been a much bigger part of the culture, so Momofuku Ando set out to develop a ramen built to last.

After a year of struggling to figure out how to preserve the noodles, he made a breakthrough when he tossed some into a pot of hot oil. In addition to dehydrating the noodles, the "flash frying" gave the strands their signature wavy, compacted look with plenty of crevices that would allow quick re-cooking. Practically overnight, the recipe became an instant success, and Ando's Nissin ramen noodles are still instantly recognizable all over the world today.

Check out the full story below:

(H/T: The A.V. Club)

Cover image via YouTube


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