She Kills It On Instagram, But Wait Until You See What She Really Does

So cool!

Fashionista Kaicyre Palmers has racked up an impressive 172K followers on Instagram, but this woman is way more than just social media notoriety.


Known as just "Kai," this woman hailing from New York has style that is seriously on fleek, and if you need some advice on how to kill it at life, look no further.


Definitely consult Kai for your nights out.

She really knows how to vacation well.

Did we mention she's an animal lover too? Mr. Elephant, you have no idea how lucky you are.

But, these things aside, Kai has another side that's just as impressive.

While she probably did in fact wake up exactly like this... 

...Kai does have to dress up a little bit when she hits up her full time job, because she is a nurse who studies at New York University.

NYU, you are about to get a bunch of male applicants who want to be doctors.

A stethoscope and a name badge might not be your typical beauty accessories, but she definitely rocks them while helping patients.

And though nursing is the 9-5, she still takes the time to hang with dad...

...and give props to the woman she got it from.

Thanks Kai, for proving that looks may be one thing, but it is even better to be smart and pursue a career. Lets hope more girls are inspired by you!

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