Women Have Found A Super-Smart Way To Protest Instagram's 'Curvy' Ban


"Instagram don't pull my picture down just because I'm #fat."

It sounds far-fetched, but the statement above comes after the social image sharing site has chosen to ban a word that is making lots of women feel shamed: curvy. And pulling pictures of curvy women is exactly what it's doing.

That's right. The hashtag #Curvy is not searchable on Instagram. Why? According to the app, the word violates its policy as told ThinkProgress that the tag was being used for pornography, along with others such as naked and sexy. But words like skinny are still searchable.

The ban comes after people have already protested the site for banning women's chests and not men's. But like the #FreeTheNipple movement, curvy women refuse to be put in a corner simply for having bodies. They've found a smart loophole, tagging their body-positive photos with the words #Curvee and #BringBackCurvy.

Many of them feel that they're being grouped unjustly and punished for simply looking voluptuous.

Gavyn Pickens of The Curvy Cutie blog posted her own images to the #BringBackCurvy tag to contribute to the protest. She perfectly summed up why Instagram is wrong on the matter. 

"All bodies are beautiful, ALL BODIES ARE BEAUTIFUL! Yet when young women are doubtful in themselves, or are looking for #bodygoals you literally stomp over the images they have to look at and see themselves," she wrote in an Instagram post. 

"Shame on you, if you ban one then ban them all!"

Check out other women joining the #BringCurvyBack movement ...

"Well screw you Insta! I'll always have curves, will always post them and will always appreciate them."

"To me, wearing a bikini it's not about courage. ... It's doing what I want in my own terms and not giving anybody else power over my body, my fun or my life ... It's about freedom."

"Instagram don't pull my picture down just because I'm fat."

"All the girls are sharing some gorgeous images and showcasing what it means to be body positive and that has extended beyond the plussize community!"

"#BringCurvyBack because Instagram banned it."

Way to go, ladies!


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